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Making Forms Work For You

Making forms work on your website can make it a powerhouse. Why not get your website to work for you? With only a few clicks and some testing, you can get started with a tool that can propel your business forward.

Website Security: make your website secure

Website security is a difficult subject for most people to discuss because it is very technical. When you don't think you'll understand a topic, your brain tends to turn off. You immediately assume you won't understand it.

website security

Set-up and use a Mailchimp Newsletter Service

There are plenty of newsletter services out there. I have used several, Constant Contact, myEmma, SendinBlue, etc. but Mailchimp is my favorite. I think it is my favorite because it is relatively easy to use and it is reliable and, for most people, it's free.

Who is your superhero?

Who are your superheroes? In the Great American Read, the spider in Charlotte's Web is cast as a hero. Some people say that there is a Wallmart Superhero. Some superheroes are real and some imagined.